120 x 60 Advertising

Please read everything carefully

The 120 x 60 are the banners displayed on the main page. It goes by weeks, not that impressions junk that most sites use. This way you will get the MAX amount of people seeing your site as possible.

Here are the current payment plans. Decide on which you want and click the Buy Now link. After you make the payment send an e-mail to with the URL to your banner, the URL to the site you want advertised, and the number of weeks purchased. (So it can be verified)

# of weeks

1 week $15.00
2 weeks $25.00
4 weeks $35.00
6 weeks $45.00
8 weeks $55.00
10 weeks $65.00

If the Buy now link doesn't open for you, click here!

Note: The 6th slot (images displayed) is a random image until one of the ones above gets open. (First come, first serve)

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