Payment options:
ID: entensity
E-mail for this option
Address Below

How epassporte works:
Epassporte is basically like paypal, just not as big. This was recommended by several people and all you need is the Epassporte Personal account.

Info: It's free to use, there is a minimum load of $25 and they take $5 of that. It took me about 10 minutes to get my account verified. When you go to verify your account they will send a pending charge of a random charge (you get it back) and you just call your CC Company and ask them for any pending charges and you enter it in. I wouldn't use it if I didn't feel it was safe to use.

How to send me a payment via Epassporte:
My epassporte account ID is entensity Whichever plan you want to buy, just send that amount and then send an e-mail to with the details.

Want to pay with a credit card?
E-mail me for more details.

So what can you mail?
I take cash and money orders if you're a first time buyer. If you're a regular buyer I can take a personal/business check.

If sending Cash
Wrap it up so you can't see the money and include your e-mail address on paper (Make it readable please)

Mail it to:

P.O. Box 18983
Shreveport, La 71138

If sending a check/money order:
Make it out to "Shane Earnest" and include your e-mail address on paper (Make it readable please)

After mailing a payment, please be sure to e-mail me: stating that you've mailed a payment and we can go from there.

Thank you!